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Allowabe size and configuration of sidewalk cafes in NYC Essay

Allowabe size and configuration of sidewalk cafes in NYC - Essay Example They have been instrumental in giving feasible solutions to idealized proposals of cultural entities and the government. Architects are instrumental in responding to the concerns of both the commercial entities and the public in giving an integrated policy (Loukaitou-Sideris & Ehrenfeucht, 2009). In addition, cultural forces have agitated for a traditional architectural setting whereby culture is integrated into daily activities. This calls for sidewalk spaces that can allow for setting of public emblems and interaction. On the other hand, commercial activities constrain the growth of culture in towns. Academics have complained of the sidewalk policy as ignoring the preferences of the public and consumers. It also ignores the concept of free markets whereby commercial activities control the space in which they operate in the same (McEachern, 2008). This criticism rides on the idea that the government and academics make assumptions of problems in the city. This ignores the feelings of the public of whom the changes are made for the same. This suggests that the public should push for proposals of improving their interests in the city. In this sense, the public pulls away the stake from the academics. Other critiques herald the policy as one-sided since it only concentrates on the public and constrains the growth of small businesses (Kleniewski & Thomas,

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Jews Self Essay Example for Free

Jews Self Essay Chuck Palahniuk once aptly quoted â€Å"Nothing of me is original. I am a combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known†, but to what extent is this true? Indeed, an individual’s uniqueness may comprise of the exposure to certain people, and expectations, but how much of this shapes our identity? As human beings, our species is engaged in a continuous quest to locate our true sense of self, however our individuality is greatly moulded by our surroundings, which may often hinder the ability to identify who are truly are. Whether it be through the language we speak, the gender specific clothing we are instructed to wear, or the social standards and morals we are expected to maintain, it is undeniable that our surroundings are a significant determinant, acting as barrier in regards to flourishing into the person we desire to be. A commonly asked philosophical question is â€Å"what is the purpose of life†, the answer consists of the significance of life, or existence in general and can be easily answered by having a life permeated with purpose; but how may we persevere in this if we cannot truly identify who we are? Throughout our lives, we are often confronted by dilemmas, which impede our ability to locate our true individuality; as a result, our surroundings act as an influential element in regards to the sentiments and identity we attain. Often, Identity is a product of our standing in society, rather than an innate defining factor; set in the apartheid era, Anthony Fabian’s â€Å"Skin† showcases how societies upheld beliefs coerces one to be uncomfortable in their own skin. Sandra Laing, A white girl burdened by having an â€Å"Afrikaans† exterior, is taught to hate the colour of her skin by a young age, as she is brought into the world at the time of racial segregation between black and white. Sandra is incapable of finding her true self; she is never given a chance to blossom and assimilate into society adequately, as she is alienated as a repercussion of her dark skin colour. Her confidence is dismantled as she is constantly confronted by the discrimination by her surroundings; her opportunity to flourish in the community is immensely diminished as she enters school with students and teachers attaining pre conceived judgement towards her, disallowing her to conquer in her homeland, â€Å"why are they all staring†. Through the exposure of the prejudice of her surroundings, Sandra further accentuates the hatred of her skin colour as she attempts to bleach her skin in order to be perceived as white. â€Å"Skin† articulates that through the demining attitudes of others, an individual can be in risk of the incapability of identifying their true identity, as the sentiments of others may alter their self-esteem and opinion of who they are. Sometimes our sense of self is paved for us; sometimes we have no ability to alter our identity as it is concreted by the rules and expectations of society. Our individuality may not be comprised of our own opinions of ourselves, but may be wholly accumulated by our surroundings. Like the Apartheid era Sandra had suffered from, The World War 2 also acted as a barrier in regards to Jewish people truly identifying their true sense of self. Adolf Hitler, the dictator at the time, desired to conquer his overriding objective to exterminate all those who did not fit into his perfect model of the Arian super race (light featured); this resulted in innocent Jewish people being stripped of their freedom, and executed as a result of their religion and physical appearance. Through the burden of Nazism on the Jews’ behalf, they were not granted an opportunity to blossom in society, due to Hitler’s ambition of whipping out the Jewish race. Unfortunately, some individuals play no significant role in creating their own identity as their sense of self is set by the judgments of society. Occasionally, it is immensely difficult to negate the expectations placed upon us by others, primarily family members, hence being unable to conquer our destiny. This may be caused by the fear of disappointing those who we love. Unfortunately, I am a victim of not being able to abide by my own expectations, prioritising the rules made by my mother. Throughout my adolescence, my mother has always motivated me to carry on the female legacy of becoming a successful beautician. In order to make my mother content, I have always put on a facade, and obeyed the demands she confronted me with. Being a beautician did not strike me as being successful, as I am consciously aware of my academic abilities, although I fail to expose this. I have learned to put my own satisfaction to the side, and live with an identity in which makes my mother happy, as she acts as an extremely influential element in regards to the decisions I make for myself. Until I am awakened to the disadvantageous attributes accompanying the inability to conquer my own self made expectations, my true sense of self will never be identified, and will be constantly moulded by my families opinions. Although it is hard to avoid considering the sentiments of others, sometimes it is the most effective decision. In order to identify or true sense of self, we must learn to negate the opinions of others, hence enabling us to focus on our own ambitions. This is evident in my uncle’s story he once exposed to me. As he belonged to a gang in his hometown Iraq, his decisions were pre determined by his acquaintances, hence, disabling him to set an identity of his own, as it was concreted by his gang. He had conformed to all the opinions of his crew, until the day he decided to stand up to his own sentiments in which went against his crew’s expectations. As a repercussion of his disobeying, he had suffered a loss of a limb; his crew had no shame of manifesting their inconsistencies with him, as they pulled the trigger, leading to a disabled ex-crew member. Throughout the turmoil and hardship with the crew, my uncle is now a better man, wiser and strong-minded, as he had underwent an identity crisis; he played a minimal part in the formation of his own identity. His true identity was overshadowed by a false persona, dictating his sentiments which were embedded in his mind by fear of standing up to the power of his gang. Sometimes following our own expectations and decisions may be a difficult task, but if we succeed in this, the consequences should not matter as contentment will be found along the journey.

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Treasure Island :: Treasure Island Essays

Treasure Island   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚      Treasure Island is an epic adventure: a tale of pirates, treasure, and exploration of an unknown and mysterious island.   Throughout the course of the book, many lessons are learned that give the reader advice so he/she can better survive in the real world.   The literal Treasure Island itself represents the world in which we live, a world with many hazards and scattered rewards to be found.   The bookà ­s most important lesson to be learned though, is that a solid command of the language and knowing when to use it can make life much easier for a person.   Although this story takes place centuries before our time now, this useful lesson found in it can still be applied to our lives today.      This story is so realistic in its context of the time and its superb character dialogues, that it is very easy for the reader to be transported right in the middle of that age, and right in the company of sea-faring pirates.   The authorà ­s vivid descriptions of Jim, the main character and narrator, the many Pirates and other characters he comes across during his adventures are painstakingly detailed. You can see young Jim's eager and excited face when he finds out he is going on a treasure hunt.   You can also easily picture the rips and bloodstained rags of the pirates, and smell the foul alcohol on their breaths.   The description of the island itself is extremely detailed also, and it seems like the author was looking straight off a geographical map when he wrote the in-depth account of it.    However deep these descriptions of setting and character pull you into the plot, the dialogue the author places in the story is what makes the story more impressive and impossible to escape.   It is so captivating and original to us because we hardly ever hear it, and the phrases are very creative.   An example is this quote from Long John Silver: " But for two year before that, shiver my timbers! the man was starving. He begged, and he stole, and he cut throats, and starved at that, by the powers!"   The colorful language of the book even had me repeating phrases such as this one long after I had finished reading it.

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Alcohol and Society Essay Essay

Throughout history, society has engaged in taking substances such as alcohol, that alter our physical being or our psychological state of mind. There are many experiences and pressures that force people to feel like they have to drink in order to cope with life, but for many alcohol is a part of everyday life, just like any other beverage. Alcohol is introduced to us in many ways, through our family, television, movies, and friends’. These â€Å"sociocultural variants are at least as important as physiological and psychological variants when we are trying to understand the interrelations of alcohol and human behavior†#. How we perceive drinking and continue drinking can be determined by the drinking habits we see, either by who we drink with, or the attitudes about drinking we learn over the years. The chances of people drinking in ways that can harm others and ultimatley themselves can be seen by the correlation of educational lessons, cultural beliefs and the usage of alcohol. Looking at all the possibilities, the complex question we must ask is why do people drink? Is it through their defiance of law, the accessibility of alcohol, teachings of others or the values set in place in their society? Every society has its own views on how the consumption of alcohol should be handled and regulated. Their differences create a trickle effect of how it is used, and is distinctive to that culture or society. Many cultures drinking habits go hand in hand with religion, and social customs. Drinking alcohol is in many cases a part of extensive learned tradition, where people pride themselves with their ability to hold their liquor. In countries where alcohol is part of the â€Å"norm†, the outcomes of drinking habits or the effects of alcohol are much different, â€Å"A population that drinks daily may have a high rate of cirrhosis and other medical problems but few accidents, fights, homicides, or other violent alcohol-associated conflicts; a population with predominantly binge drinking shows the opposite complex of drinking problems†#. It has been observed that cultures with rich traditions and acceptance of alcohol use tend to deal less with the typical alcohol related problems, compared to the cultures who treat alcohol as an escape or something that will make them better in the eyes of others. In these societies, like the U. S. alcohol hasn’t always been present and grown to be accepted through rich tradition. The amount of regulations and negative views on drinking in the U. S. has led to abuse and deviancy, creating a high frequency of alcoholics. People drink in many ways, for many different reasons. We drink socially, to gain acceptance into a group. We drink alone to ease stress, to cope with our problems, or we â€Å"drink because we like the taste or how it makes us feel†#. Often drinking is a learned behavior, starting out as a social drinker; you quickly become psychologically and physically dependent. When someone reaches this stage they are often classified as an alcoholic. To an alcoholic, drinking becomes a compulsion; they cannot stop themselves from having another drink, like a social drinker can. In many cases alcoholics don’t even have to drink continuously in order to be an alcoholic. One the problems of alcohol addiction is that it’s something that doesn’t just effect the individual but it effects, friends and family as well. Spouse abuse, child abuse and dysfunctional family relationships can all be influenced by alcohol abuse. In the United States alone the drinking patterns throughout history have changed dramatically to reflect the times. Starting out in colonial times the usage of alcohol use was seen as a blessing, and harmless to society. It was acceptable to drink while at work, and during social events, however drinking alone was highly frowned upon. Many early religions believed that alcohol was a gift from God, â€Å"man should partake of God’s gift with out wasting or abusing it†#. To enhance and encourage the social aspect of drinking, Taverns were built as a meeting hall where people of all ages could go and drink; it was considered the center of social life. Even children in colonial times were coaxed into drinking as soon as they were old enough to drink from a glass. Parents in this time hoped to teach the children at this young stage to drink in small amounts so that later in life they wouldn’t misuse alcohol. Later on in the 19th century, the Taverns of colonial times eventually all changed into the more modern Saloon. A place where all men could gather to get away from their families. During the existence of the saloon the Christian church began to see the consumption of alcohol as an evil, and no longer accepted alcohol as the universal drink of the church. Today the effects of history are seen through the defiance of alcohol use and the probing reverence to abstinence, which is rarely practiced, but when it is, it goes largely un-respected by society. In many cultures through history, alcohol has been viewed to have positive influences in society. Its usage has been seen to enhance social abilities within a group, as well as increased relaxation and enjoyment in the company of others. The usage of alcohol extends further than social aspects, until the early 20th century alcohol had been used in medicinal practices and was a key ingredient in most over-the-counter medicines. Supporters of early alcohol use argued, â€Å"It gave courage to the soldier, endurance to the traveler, foresight to the statesman, and inspiration to the preacher. It sustained the sailor and the plowman. The trader and the trapper†#. In the United Kingdom for example, society favors drinking so much that bars in that country now attract people of both genders, through new legislations in that county social drinking is widely accepted, but heavy drinking and alcohol related problems remain in disapproval. To many, alcohol use is an aspect of their way of life, that if left out could possibly change their culture forever. Many people would argue that drinking is a learned behavior, however everyone learns about alcohol differently, causing different cultural and social views of acceptance. The U. S. treats alcohol as a substance that our children should never come in contact with. In many other societies it is believed that the earlier you encourage drinking among children the better drinking practices they will retain through out their lives. Italian culture allows their young to drink moderate amounts of alcohol as a part of everyday life, at family gatherings it is seen as a normal and natural food. Jewish culture treats alcohol as a sacred part of everyday life; their religion and rich culture create a continuous relationship with alcohol. Compared to the U. S. , there are many countries that do allow their youth to drink to start drinking at a young age, and they have seen decreased problems with violence, vandalism and drinking and driving. Children outside of the U. S. , who are introduced to alcohol as a part of their regular family life, learn to drink more responsibly and drink moderately while still young. Alcohol has been a part of Western Civilization for over 25 centuries. Over time there have been many governmental controls placed on the usage of alcohol in the U. S. When the need for control over this substance was demanded by a large part of the American population, the government responded with the Prohibition of alcohol in 1920. Largely influenced by religion and the temperance movement, many thought this measure would eradicate the use of alcohol. What they didn’t know was that laws couldn’t always be enforced. What did erupt out of Prohibition was an even higher demand for alcohol, which was met by the Mafia, who made millions by selling alcohol on the Black Market. Often time’s fear of something can be our biggest downfall. It effects our ability to move forward, to accept things the way they are and have the confidence that everything is going to be all right. When something such as alcohol is defined as bad or harmful to us, it becomes a psychological battle, to find good in it. So in our country the fear of alcohol gives it a negative image, it is rejected as a normal part of behavior because of its destructive effects, through peoples’ abuse of the substance. The negativity of alcohol in our country out weighs any potential to look at it the way other societies do, and change our views on it. â€Å"When, alcohol related problems do occur, they are clearly linked with the modalities of drinking, and usually also with values attitudes, and norms about drinking†#. We are stuck knowing, thinking and feeling the way we do about alcohol because that is what has been driven into our minds. If our society could look outside the box, we could see the effects of tradition, family and culture that have totally transformed how alcohol is used and seen in other societies. Lessons can be learned from the experiences of other countries but it would take a long time to effect them into our society and tradition. We have tried to educate our youth on the dangers of alcohol and problems associated with it. Through educational programs we have tried to teach them to stay away from this so-called drug, that we have enabled ourselves to label as dangerous. These programs such as D. A. R. E. have failed in every attempt because the information that is taught often contradicts beliefs and conduct seen everyday by these children in our society. Understanding that we have failed as a society in how we treat alcohol, leaves no question that we should look to evidence from other cultures and humble ourselves that our existing argument on alcohol needs to end. â€Å"It is apparent that certain ways of thinking and acting in respect to alcohol, ways that are consistently associated with drinking problems, might fruitfully be rejected, while others; those that correlate with unproblematic drinking might well be fostered. â€Å"# Our attempts of labeling alcohol as a â€Å"dirty drug,† a substance to be despised and shunned should change to â€Å"choose or not to choose. † We must teach children the modern practices of moderation, respect for alcohol and that you do have a choice in what you do. Damaging social and personal consequences stemming from alcohol abuse are not completely related to the prevalence of alcohol consumption, we know that cultural, historical and social comparisons truly show that alcohol has many uses, both good and bad. However, cultures that have a predisposition for low rates of alcohol abuse are more comfortable about the consumption of alcohol, and the behaviors seen as a result from drinking. These responsible drinking habits are taught at a young age as well as teaching that alcohol is a controllable a force that can offer pleasure and positive social experiences through implementation of successful cultural controls on drinking. Knowing how our society in the U. S. views the usage of alcohol, I believe that we should seriously reflect on the practices of the above mentioned cultures, and formulate a drinking model for alcohol that suits our culture and traditions, that gives a positive perspective on alcohol. This model would allow us to improve our way of living, teaching responsibility and respect, qualities needed in every aspect of life. Notes 1. Heath, D. B. (1982). â€Å"Sociocultural Variants in Alcoholism,† Encyclopedic Handbook of Alcoholism. New York: Gardner Press: 38 2. Heath, 429 3. Varley, C. (1994). Life Issues-Alcoholism. New York: Marshal Cavendish. 4. Rorabaugh, W. J. (1979). The Alcoholic Republic: An American Tradition. New York: Oxford University Press: 26 5. Levine, H. G. (1995). â€Å"The Good Creature of God and the Demon Rum,† International Handbook on Alcohol and Culture. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press: 115 6. Heath, 121 7. Heath, 436. Bibliography Claypool, J. (1981). Alcohol and You. New York: Franklin Watts- An Impact Book. Dolmetsch, P, and Mauricette, G. (Ed). (1987). Teens Talk About Alcohol and Alcoholism. New York: Dolphin Book. Heath, D. B. (1982). â€Å"Sociocultural Variants in Alcoholism,† Encyclopedic Handbook of Alcoholism. New York: Gardner Press. Hornik, E. L. (1974). You and your Alcoholic Parent. New York: Association Press. Levine, H. G. (1995). â€Å"The Good Creature of God and the Demon Rum,† International Handbook on Alcohol and Culture. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Rorabaugh, W. J. (1979). The Alcoholic Republic: An American Tradition. New York: Oxford University Press. Varley, C. (1994). Life Issues-Alcoholism. New York: Marshal Cavendish.

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The Reagan Administration Had On America And Government

In The Wars of Watergate Stanley Kutler accurately â€Å"described Watergate as ‘the nations most sustained political conflict and severest constitutional crisis since the Great Depression’† (Qtd. in Hillstrom, 2004, p.75). But that incident was just the key that unlocked a worm hole of unlawful activities that Richard Nixon’s administration was involved in. Some claim that the system established by the founders more than two hundred years ago was unequipped to handle the demands of the 20th century (Mosher, 1974, p.16), which may explain it all. When one administration can monopolize power, control other governmental agencies, and commit as much illegal atrocities as Nixon’s did, people start to question the overall design in the system and†¦show more content†¦In the wake of the Watergate scandal, however, that dynamic changed completely. Bob Woodward’s and Carl Berstein’s single-minded pursuit of the real perpetrators of Wat ergate seemingly unlocked a new, aggressive form of journalism, investigative journalism, which completely change the way media interacted with the government (Streissguth, 2006, p.51). In Media Bias, Tom Streissguth (2006) explains that â€Å"before the turn of the twentieth century, political leaders were largely immune from personal attacks† and that â€Å"...their private lives and professional crimes held little interest for newspapers editors† (p. 47). One major revelation that the scandal introduced was how interested the public was in politicians’ transgressions. Shortly after Watergate, Congressmen Wilber Mill was involved in a drunken driving accident and after being torn apart by the media, he had to resign. But no politician got the full brunt of private-life attacks as President Bill Clinton, who narrowly escaped being trialed on â€Å"perjury and obstruction of justice† (Streissguth, 2006, p.53). Because of the Nixon administration, uncovering corrupted lives of officials has become paramount, even when it has little to do with the political agenda. In Watergate and the Resignation of Richard Nixon, Palermo (2006) explains that â€Å"journalist pounce on any scandal no matter

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know--Now! Question Seven Eight...

Case Study Assignment Four: Inquiring Minds Want to Know--Now! Question Seven: Assume you are compiling your research report. How would you present the statistical information within this case to the Industry Week decision maker, the manager who must decide whether or not to continue to publish reader service cards? In the provided case study, Penton Media has performed a research study to determine consumer and industry interest in reader service cards, included in Penton publications (Cooper amp; Schindler, 2011). Research provided statistical data which much be evaluated and presented to Industry Week to determine future use of reader service cards. To get the message across, it will be necessary for leadership to format a†¦show more content†¦Produced correctly, presentations should show trends and relationships efficiently, allowing for information to be relayed properly to interested parties. Just as in verbal or written reports, visual and graphic presentation allows for information simplification. Providing the opportunity f or visual shortcuts, researchers understand information must not be time consuming and difficult to process. Graphics attract a reader’s visual attention, creating better understanding through graphs, charts, and other visual structures. Provision of visual aids showing statistical data will allow Industry Week to properly understand research results, and allow for visual observations to be made rapidly and simply. Utilizing different methods of visual charts and tables can be beneficial in presenting statistical research. For instance, a bar graph can identify the number of ads in correlation with reader response, while a line chart can show trends in reader response. Penton researchers can also use pie charts and individual graphs to show percentages related to email, website, mail, phone, and fax or mail readership contact information. Penton Media would also benefit from a scatter chart allowing for individual consumer responses to be measured as well. Utilizing these visual aids along with a through, yet simple written report will allow for Industry Week to better determine whether reader service cards areShow MoreRelatedAge and Language Learning3118 Words   |  13 Pagesefficiently. Furthermore, there i s no loss of language ability or language learning ability over time. Age is not a detriment to language learning, and by all accounts, learning a second (or third etc) language actually keeps the older language learners mind active. People of all ages can benefit from learning languages. It is generally believed that younger learners have certain advantages over older learners in language learning. The common notion is that younger children learn L2 easily and quicklyRead MoreEssay about Billy Graham : Man and Ministry5476 Words   |  22 Pagespresidents. For thirty seven years he has been on the Gallup organizations list of the ten most admired men in the world. His is a ministry that has been heard and felt around the world, beginning in the nineteen fifties. It is this beginning decade that perhaps gives the most insight into the ministry, how and why it started, and how people reacted. It is the strength of the ministry built in this decade that continues to carry Grahams ministry to this day, even while Graham is now slowed by ParkinsonsRead MoreLifespan Essay14430 Words   |  58 Pagesyou dont disturb him. A At 0 months: After only a week with ARDA, you can already feel a hormonal connection. When ARDA cries, you begin to lactate!This will increase if you choose to breast feed, but it will die off gradually if you do not. You want ARDA to be active and curious about his environment, so you: deck out ARDAs crib with the latest baby gear, including black and white mobiles, rattles, etc. talk to, hold and interact with ARDA whenever he seems interested. You figure you areRead MoreA Picatrix Miscellany52019 Words   |  209 Pagesof the twenty-eight mansions of the moon, according to the â€Å"Indian† system, and assigns to each its correct talisman. Analysis of the passage shows that it is a compound of â€Å"Indian† doctrines, the tenets of Dorotheus of Sidon (both attested by Ibn abi ‘l-Rijà ¢l) and elements from a list ascribed to Hermes (attested by the Ihwà ¢n al-Safà ¢Ã¢â‚¬â„¢) (pp.14-21). At the beginning of the chapter, the author advised the magician of the necessity to prepare himself inwardly for his task: this is now, in an excursusRead MoreCatering Industry in India15547 Words   |  63 Pagesthe individual but also to all the other five senses of a human being. With the right atmosphere, it is possible to appeal to all of these senses making the occasion unforgettable. Of course, beautifully prepared food can alone do this, but now days, caterers want to reach out to the customers in all possible ways and bowl them over. †¢ The venue †¢ The menu †¢ The dà ©cor These are certain areas, which the caterers aim to cover for an all round, win. . Whatever may be the occasion; a bachelor’s partyRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pages........................................................................................... 144 Seeking a Second Opinion ............................................................................................................ 147 Trust Me, I Know It on Good Authority ..................................................................................... 149 Suspending Belief......................................................................................................................Read MoreTEFL Assignment Answers23344 Words   |  94 Pageswould assume a 25% -Teacher/75%-Student ratio would be effective. â€Å"What are some ways you plan to avoid excessive TTT in your classroom when you are a ESL/EFL teacher? Provide specific strategies and examples.† In answering the second part of this question, I’ll first admit that I am in the process of learning how to cut-back on Teacher Talking Time [TTT]. I have learned that this is not always an easy task for me. But, I have been serious about learning to limit my speech. I have been raised andRead MoreIntroduction to Motivation16686 Words   |  67 Pageswe hardly know about this story simply because Tendulkar is itself the name of success . We all know about Thomas Alva Edison as a great scientist but we hardly know about his story of failures. Every successful person had a bad patch in his or her life .What was it that made Thomas A. Edison a great scientist even after several failures ,what made Tendulkar a great living legend, what was the magic that changed the life of Wilma Rudolf ;it was nothing but MOTIVATION. We all want to achieveRead MoreDeveloping Effective Research Proposals49428 Words   |  198 Pagesplan 2.6 Research questions or research problems? 2.7 A simplified model of research 2.8 Review concepts and questions Notes 3 A General Framework for Developing Proposals 3.1 An overall framework 3.2 A hierarchy of concepts 3.3 Research areas and topics 3.4 General and specific research questions viii ix x 1 1 3 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 9 10 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 19 19 21 22 23 24 25 previous page page_v next page Page vi 3.5 Data collection questions 3.6 Research questions and data – theRead MoreMicrosoft Excel Workbook100984 Words   |  404 Pages....................................................................................................... 229 Chapter Six Review ........................................................................................................... 230 Chapter Seven: Working with Lists..............................................................................235 Lesson 7-1: Creating a List................................................................................................ 236 Lesson 7-2: Using the

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Why I Should Be Prepared - 1642 Words

Sirens shrieked through the air in chaotic pulses, adding to the panic already felt by the mob of people rushing to the launch pad. My wife, Jessica, and I started to run, but we struggled, weighed down by our children on our backs. We followed the trail like we practiced, but even after all of the drills, I still felt as if I was not prepared. How should I be prepared? No one expected the North Koreans to invade, especially not here in Los Angeles. We ran for what felt like miles. Minutes felt like hours. Each step felt as if it were fighting gravity for our dear lives. Finally my eyes met the eyes of the guards at the gate of the launch pad. A crowd had assembled around the gate, trying to get in. I pushed and shoved everyone out of the†¦show more content†¦The colony was made up of many structures connected by tunnels in order to keep our lives separate from the empty vacuum of space. There were multiple 62-AB robots stationed around the colony in case we needed assistance with anything. This just seemed odd. Of course robots that are developed to look and act just like humans are a bit strange, but the way that they acted around us was quite disturbing. Everyone was acting different than normal too. Ever since we arrived, my kids started behaving as if they could not do anything wrong. They were always good children, but they would misbehave every once and awhile. My wife seems to be very passive and submissive, just agreeing with everything I say. It feels like my wife is a completely different person now and not the wonderful woman that I married. I loved her personality, but it seems as if she is just anoth er one of those 62-AB robots. As the days went on, I started to get anxious. Nothing about the colony felt right. I asked the doctor 68-JJ about my observations, but he seemed to repeatedly deny what I said, as if the line was a part of his programming. I began to think of the worst possible ideas. I was wondering why we were never called about our status in regards to returning home. It seemed as if they were hiding something. I had to take initiative and get someShow MoreRelatedEssay How to Get Prepared and Start My Own Business1585 Words   |  7 PagesHow to Get Prepared and Start My Own Business . All of us have a lot of ideas about the things that we think about; most of the time we do not even recognize how millions of ideas got through our brains. Even now, when I typed this sentence, it took a while for me to come up with an idea and put it into words, so that all the readers get exactly what I want them to understand after reading my writing. We use our ideas everywhere, since it is something that lets us process and understand the informationRead MoreAnalysis of the Role-Play Island Cruise Essay619 Words   |  3 PagesI. Introduction I chose to represent the major in the â€Å"Island Cruise†-role play. Taking part at that play made me realize that there are several aspects that you should keep in mind before attending a meeting, e.g. and amongst others â€Å"be prepared†, â€Å"listen†, â€Å"share common goals† and â€Å"keep your emotions out†. II. Strategy First of all and to be honest, I was not prepared for the first two role-plays we did, because I thought it would not be necessary as I thought I am skilled in arguing andRead MorePaid for Grades?686 Words   |  3 Pagesshe tried her best, but it still wasn’t enough to earn her a cash sum. There are a few reasons why children should not get paid for good grades. First, they lose out on valuable life lessons. Second, it is hard to provide the money for all of the children that get A’s. Third, it can become a competition and can cause problems amongst friends and family. Finally, children aren’t mentally prepared for handling the stress of money. First of all, children lose out on valuable life lessons. PayingRead MoreAnalysis Paper1050 Words   |  5 PagesThe basic idea of the commercial is that no matter what happens in life, that you should always be prepared for what to do next. GEICO is not just car insurance, but they can be your friend. First of all I would like to start of this essay by telling you what my commercial is about. The commercial that I chose to write my paper on was a GEICO commercial. There are lots of commercials out there for car insurance, but I think this one is the best. When we first see this commercial on the televisionRead Moresurvey master llc Essay1525 Words   |  7 Pagesproducts and services sold by manufacturers, distributors, and consultants. Data was collected and analyzed to provide information about demand, pricing, design, distribution channels, and delivery systems. A typical project ended with a report prepared for and delivered to the client who had contracted for the work with Survey Masters. In 2006, the company had completed 120 projects. An income statement in rounded numbers for 2006 is shown in Exhibit 1. The Marketing Research Survey Process Read MoreEssay On Hurricanes945 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"social science research is needed to expand the existing knowledge base on the response of households, businesses, and special facilities to hurricane warnings†. I will discuss the main points about what actions the government plans to make in these situations, why hurricanes are so important to be prepared for, and my stance on what I think about these propositions. The role and actions of local government is very critical with hurricanes. Do you advise the citizens to stay and protect themselvesRead MoreEffects Of The Sauk Rapids Tornado1650 Words   |  7 Pagesme to learn more about tornadoes. This led me to research about tornadoes in Minnesota. As I began surfing the internet about tornadoes that occurred in Minnesota, I came across the effects that each tornado had caused to the areas that it had struck. This is where I discovered the effects of one particular tornado called the Sauk Rapids Tornado. As I looked at the effects that this tornado had produced, I discovered that this tornado was labeled as the deadliest tornado in history to ever hit MinnesotaRead MoreObserving Bacteria and Blood- Lab #1 Essay1095 Words   |  5 PagesObserving Bacteria and Blood- Lab #1 Purpose: Being able to learn how to correctly use a microscope and the oil immersion lens to be able to see the prepared slides. Also to learn how to prepare my own yogurt and blood slides. Procedure: First, set up the microscope. Clean the ocular lenses and objectives with lens paper. Then pace the prepared e slide on the stage and make adjustments. Turn the rotating nosepiece until the 10x objective is above the ring of light coming through the slide. MoveRead MoreWhy school needs to have strict discipline.1547 Words   |  7 PagesI understand students annoyance with the harsh disciplinary rules of school. I am well aware that each works very hard, and you are ambitious students. And yes, sometimes we are late, or not prepared due to unforeseen circumstances. Let me try to explain the reasons why the school has made these disciplinary rules. First, a student will not be expelled for being late in the morning, where traffic and other things can hinder us all in getting to our destination on time. If a student is late in theRead MoreWhy I Am An Effective Teacher Essay1275 Words   |  6 PagesGreat teachers are rare, are you an Effective Teacher It has been stated that teaching is a craft and a highly skilled craft that can be learned. What is consider to be an effective teacher? To keep this as simple as possible I could name a ton of attributes, but to name just a few I would say an educator that knows how to dress for success or maybe someone that has their classroom ready for learning, or even someone that knows how to create effective assignments for their students. Also a great teacher